I’ve been searching for a long time to find a way to have healthy home-cooked meals delivered to my door. Zaza is by far the best option I’ve found. Healthy and delicious. High-quality ingredients. Customizable menus and delivery options. And they can come and cook it at your home or deliver pre-packaged individual meals. My schedule is a train wreck, so it is hard for me to know when I can receive deliveries. Zaza delivered two weeks worth of delicious, ready-to-serve meals to my door in reusable packaging. She chose meals that could freeze easily. I threw half in the freezer and half in the fridge. For two glorious weeks, we could come home and have dinner ready within five minutes. No clean up. No prep. No packaging waste. Worth EVERY penny.

Elizabeth K. on November 14, 2015


Love Love Love Zaza Personal Chef and Catering. Elisabeth is an outstanding cook and fantastic to work with. We love having her cook for our family on a weekly basis. Each week she creates a menu that fits all of our dietary needs and the food is always AMAZING!

Heather Y. on January 2, 2016


Elisabeth is a LIFESAVER! I own a business and outsourcing cooking in my household is the best decision I have ever made. My time is better spent growing my business than planning meals, going to the grocery store and prepping/cooking meals. Elisabeth’s cooking is amazing and tailored to fit our diet. I love never having to worry about planning a meal or “what’s for dinner tonight.” I don’t have to search the internet for recipes that work with my lifestyle of eating. I’m thankful to open the refrigerator and see so many tantalizing choices that I can’t even decide what to have. In the past I would not eat as healthy because I hadn’t planned ahead or just prepared the easiest thing I could. I love having leftovers for lunch as well because that too, makes my life easier and healthier.

She is sweet and easy to work with and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

What could be improved: I probably need to ask her to start portioning out the dishes because they are so delicious that I overeat. ūüôā

Julie N. on January 11, 2016


All her meals are amazing, tasty, delicious, etc etc!!!
I could go on and on!! The best part about the meals is that they are made with healthy ingredients!! And not only do I love them, but my entire family does too!!!

Carrie E. on April 6, 2016

Whenever Elisabeth cooks for me I always wish I was part of her family – how lucky they are to have her meals every single day! She is not only an incredible chef but she can also work wonders within whatever crazy parameters you might throw her way (like, creating paleo meals while accommodating a rogue vegetarian in your group). She is a great communicator, incredibly creative, super flexible and she’ll be sure you’re getting exactly what you need. More than anything you can count on meals that are ridiculously delicious and satisfying for everyone you’re trying to feed. Zaza really is the best!

Clare M. on April 8, 2016

“Elisabeth is awesome. There was a perfect amount of food with not very much thrown away. We hosted a party for about 30 people. Everything made was delicious. Elisabeth catered to ALL of our food allergies and diets that made everything worry-free. Our guests loved all the food made. My personal favorite is her chocolate ganache which disappeared in a flash. She presented us with a menu and we chose what we wanted and eliminated what we thought would be too much food. Everything was fresh and healthy. Elizabeth is great and easy to work with, I would recommend her to anyone who wants great delicious food.”

Melissa S. on May 11, 2016

“Elisabeth was a fabulous chef for our special 50th wedding anniversary. Everything was delicious, beautifully presented; she made our event so easy and pleasant to have her in charge. She was well-organized and efficient with the planning too. Definitely recommend her, and especially her bacon dates and truffles! Huge hit with us all.”

Suzanne H. on August 23, 2016

“Count us impressed! I really didn’t think we could find a chef who could handle all of the various diets in our household- a celiac, paleo- as well as somewhat picky kids who just want comfort foods- much less make the food taste so great! Seeing it done so will even gives me ideas to get more creative on my own- it’s like a cooking class/inspiration at the same time! I recommend Elisabeth without hesitation, she’s a life saver!”

Doug L. August 23, 2016

“We LOVED Elisabeth’s cooking! She cooked 5 paleo meals for us – all creative, delicious, and easy for me to reheat for my family. She was a joy to have work in my kitchen and I would have her back any time. I was very impressed with her professionalism and menu planning….5 stars!”

Lori N. August 23, 2016

Amazing chef!!

“Elisabeth is truly amazing when it comes to preparing meals! I have a lot of allergies and restrictions with my diet, and she has managed to work with that and create delicious, and varied meals for me! She has come up with many creative menus and recipes, while still accommodating my needs. I am so grateful to have met Elisabeth!!”

Katia H. October 9, 2016

Fantastic job catering!

“Elisabeth catered a small event for us and the food was amazing. Really delicious and healthy. I highly recommend her and will definitely be hiring again in the future.”

Valentina W. February 22, 2017

Delicious dessert!!!

“What I love the most is Zaza’s dessert!!! At a birthday party that I was hosting, Elisabeth prepared a delicious gluten and dairy free cheese cake with chocolate and strawberry coulis. It was gone within minutes as everyone at the party loved it. On a different night, she prepared an amazing gluten free bread pudding! Whatever dessert that involves chocolate or maple syrup, Elisabeth will make magic out of it!”

Annick N. February 22, 2017

Delicious, creative food for any diet!

“I had the pleasure of having Elisabeth’s help at a large party. My family and friends have lots of different dietary requirements including gluten free, vegetarian and paleo, and Elisabeth was a master at having something wonderful for everyone! Even my kids were happy. They loved the chocolate ganache! Elisabeth was easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend her for your next event or whenever you need a great chef.”

Julie M. February 23, 2017

Thanks for a great party!

“Elisabeth at Zaza Catering is an excellent chef! She planned and cooked a bunch of amazing food for our super bowl party that everyone loved! We had rave reviews from everyone who attended the party. In particular I loved the sliders. We have vegan and vegetarian friends and they loved those dishes as well. We couldn’t have been happier with the catering, the buffet and the food that was served.”

Greg W. February 23, 2017


“Elisabeth is an AMAZING CHEF WOW!!!!

She came to my house and cooked a lot of menus for me and my family and EVERYTHING was FANTASTIC!!!
She uses some fine herbs and special spices that makes everything so tasty and delicious. You want to finish the plate and have a second one.

She put the food in individual containers that you freeze.
She writes the date and the name of the plate on the container and OH MY GOD it is wonderfull!!!! VERY user friendly.
You come back from your work day and you open your freezer and you get to pick what you want to eat for dinner!!! Isn’t that AMAZING!, WWWWOOOWWWW heaven!!!!

When I started cooking again for my kids, they were very disappointed of my food. They were asking for more Elisabeth food!!!

We are now addicted to her recipes.

I DEFINITELY recommend her delicious menus.

Bon appétit!!!

Catherine Poulin”

Catherine P. April 14, 2017